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Fri 16 November 2018
  • Real Time Identification System

    Rapid identification of citizens in a few seconds. High speed of identification is achieved due to the unique accelerating algorithms. This system would significantly improve safety of mass sports and social events - the Olympic Games, world championships, festivals, concerts.

  • AFIS

    The Sonda’s unique algorithms always prove their great accuracy in the biometric world tests and competitions and meet the requirements of international biometric standards.

  • Sonda's Fingerprint Scanners

    The unique volumetric prism reads 120° of the finger surface and provides high quality and accuracy. It excludes the rolling procedure making the process of registration easier and faster.

  • Sonda's SDK

    Designed for integration of fingerprint identification into wide range of civil and criminal applications such as criminal AFIS, National IDs, access control systems and many others.Sonda's SDKs provide easy integration to any system.

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Tengo el alto honor de dirigirme a Usted, a fin de informarle que hasta el momento esta Policia ha logrado resultados positivos en la aplicacion de busqueda c identification de personas a traves del uso de vuestro sistema AFIS.
Republica oriental del Uruguay. Ministerio del Interior

Real Time Identification
Real Time Identification

The Sonda RTI (Real Time Identification) system designed for rapid confirmation or identification of a person by fingerprint matching in multi-million databases. Sonda RTI can be incorporated into Sonda AFIS-8E, designed for Informational and Criminal Expertise Centers of the MIA.

Searching speed is hundreds of times higher than the rate of traditional AFIS due to the special accelerating algorithms, which yet significantly reduce the hardware requirements.

Access to the system database from any computer via WEB-interface, no special software required, or from any mobile identification terminal.

The server database is formed by importing fingerprints from systems of any other producers using international data-sharing protocols ANSI / NIST of FBI and Interpol versions.

Types of verification:

  • 1:1 - comparison of the scanned fingerprint of a person with the template on his ID-card or other identity document.
  • 1:N - fingerprint matching in the external server database using a wireless connection.
  • 1:N - fingerprint matching in the local database of mobile identificator.

The Sonda’s Real Time Identification System would significantly improve safety of mass sports and social events - the Olympic Games, world championships, festivals, concerts - due to fast checking suspicious persons and detainees on various databases, such as Black-list of fan-bullies or wanted on suspicion of involvement in terrorist acts.

Users of the system:

  • State Structures.Citizens registration in the process of issuing identity cards or passports and elections control . De-duplication on databases of tens of millions of tenprints. Exception of recurring attempts to obtain identity documents or re-vote.
  • Law Machinery.Verification of persons detained at the scene by task force, patrol or road inspection service groups. Search in DB of wanted persons is available. Access control to public events or objects of special importance.
  • Border Guard Service. Checking the persons crossing the border, including the extended Black List.
  • Migration Service.Verification of foreign citizens in places of illegal residence, proof of visas, national ID-cards and other documents.
  • Emergency Service. Identification of persons who are unconscious or lost their memory.
  • Transport Security Service. Verification of suspicious characters on Black List. Passport or other travel documents verification.
  • Federal Law Enforcement Agency.Verification of persons during the transportation of prisoners.


In Guinea (West Africa) the system is used by the State Election Commission for voter registration and voter database deduplication in the preparation of elections.

In Ukraine the system works as part of the project of issuing biometric passports for exclusion of possibility of getting a second paper by one person.

In Crimea the system performs the quick authentication of detained citizens over the database of persons involved in crimes and wanted criminals.

On testing the system in Guinea the identification time on database of 6 million people ranged within 0.5 - 2 seconds, depending on the mode selected.

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